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Середа 18.03.2020

Дата: 18.03.2020 09:38
Кількість переглядів: 40

Тема: Повторення граматичних  часів.

1) Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense.

1) What … you … (to do), Sam? I … (to prepare) for my report. I ... (to make) it tomorrow.

2) While Tracy … (to look) through the photos in the album, she ... (to recognize) an old friend of hers.

3) When  Tony got into the car, he … (to remember) that he ... (to leave) his driving license on the table in his room.

4) … they … (to consider) this question? -  I'm  afraid, they … . They … (still/to dis­cuss) it in the conference hall.

5) I … (to arrange) the meet­ing tomorrow if you … (to type) all the documents for it.

6) … you …  (to recognize) this handwrit­ing? This note … (to be) from your sister.

7) When Robert entered the room, his sister  … (to talk) with her friend about the play they …  (to see) before and John … (to play)  chess with Willy near the fireplace.

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